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About our Services

Our focus is to help companies build custom FileMaker database solutions which will optimize and streamline current company resources to help employees better perform their job responsibilities.

Custom databases solutions are a great way to cut out unrequired steps which traditional boxed software often requires. By cutting out unneed steps employee can offer higher quality products, less overhead cost and better customer service.
Dynamic Business Solutions offers an array of FileMaker services including: FileMaker Consulting, FileMaker Training and Support, FileMaker Web Integration, FileMaker Go Mobile Solutions.

You will find our staff has all the right tools in making your project a success. We offer FileMaker database solutions that are so simple to use they require little to no training. Our standard proposal outlines each project phase and explains the purpose of the proposed system, requirement, features, reports, forms, budget and schedule. Included at the end of the document is a detailed cost estimate including hours assigned to each task phase and estimated project schedule. We promise to stay within budget and on schedule.
At Dynamic Business Solutions, we pride ourselves in FileMaker Development which meets all of your unique needs while system remaining user friendly.